Women of HBES

Women of HBES was started in 2015 for the purpose of bringing women in the society at all career levels together to foster professional and collaborative relationships. We meet once a year during the HBES meetings to discuss issues specific to being women in academia and in the evolutionary sciences. Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome to attend the meeting. Please join us this year on Friday night before the HBES BBQ!!


Day/Date: Friday, June 2nd

Time: 6-7:15pm, just before the HBES BBQ

Location: Payette Brewing Company (link) (map)

Cost: The cost for using the venue has been covered by this year’s HBES organizing committee. Each person will be responsible for purchasing her own drinks and food, but no further payment necessary!



Contact Info:

If you have questions or comments, please contact one of the organizers, Katie Starkweather (kstarkweather8@gmail.com) or Gretchen Perry (gretchenperry@gmail.com).