We have identified several childcare providers in the area who accept drop ins with advance appointments and have provided a list below. All care centers were identified through Idaho Stars, a program funded by Idaho Health and Welfare, and are held to a high set of standards. Hours of care, age of child accepted, and fees can vary.

Childcare Centers


Noah’s Ark Learning Center (6.9 miles from university)

Address: 3457 N MAPLE GROVE RD    Phone: 375-6624     Click here for directions.


Culver Quality Care (10 miles from university)

Address: 12737 W AUDI CT     Phone: 208-891-1018     Click here for directions.


The Rainbow Learning Center (8.1 miles from university)

Address: 3525 N CLOVERDALE RD    Phone: 208-353-3788     Click here for directions.


Aunt Sybil’s Daycare (3.1 miles from university)

Address: 5721 W CASSIA ST     Phone: 208-389-8718      Click here for directions.


All Kids Academy (2.1 miles from university)

Address: 4311 W FRANKLIN RD     Phone: 208-429-8888     Click here for directions.


If the childcare centers above cannot accommodate your individual situation, additional childcare can be identified by visiting the Idaho Stars website. Idaho Stars is an invaluable resource providing access to a database in which specific parameters can be defined in your search of childcare centers. The City of Boise website is also a useful resource for identifying childcare centers and provides a comprehensive map of those centers.